Broken Chains Ministry

Broken Chains Ministry

For over 15 years Broken Chains Ministry, founded by Pastor Cody and Heather Huff, have ministered to the homeless and poor of the Las Vegas community and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to other parts of the world. Now, the ministry continues under the new leadership of Pastor Kevin and Lawana Chapman.

At Broken Chains Ministry, our mission is to help both the spiritually and physically poor by first connecting them to Jesus Christ; and through that connection, desires to give those who seek help a hand up.

We’re missions and outreach focused, and along with our partners and volunteers, Broken Chains also provides individual opportunities to grow in faith, service, and other areas of ministry through training and discipleship.

If you’re seeking to serve Christ “outside the walls” through first hand contact or through financial support, then Broken Chains Ministry is the right place. We look forward to partnering with you, as one Body in Christ.

At the core of our ministry is our Faith and what drives us is our belief and trust in the faith and our personal relationships with Jesus. Find out more about what we believe by visiting our Statement of Faith.