Broken Chains Ministry

About Us

Ok, so you have heard about Broken Chains Ministry, but you may not really know about us, or how we started.

You have come to the right spot. Below are a few links that will help you find out about our heart and how our passion was birthed through darkness.

If you don’t know the story of how God redeemed Pastor Cody Huff, then we encourage you to read How We Started.

Our Founders page will give you a brief, yet wonderful understanding of how God brought both Pastor Cody and his wife Heather together to create Broken Chains Ministry.

There are a few Broken Chains Ministries listed on the internet. We’ve created the section “Where You’ve Seen Us” to help you see where we have been mentioned in the news, books, and other media.

At the core of our ministry is our Faith and what drives us is our belief and trust in the faith and our personal relationships with Jesus. Find out more about what we believe by visiting our Statement of Faith page.