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Two Lunch Tuesdays Partners

The following is a list of our current partners in different communities involved with Two Lunch Tuesdays. Broken Chains would like to thank these kids, parents, and volunteers at the following schools for the incredible impact they have made as a result of their involvement in this program. Without them, Two Lunch Tuesdays would never have seen the success it has had, and those in need would never have received the love and care that these lunches bring to them every time they are given.


Charlotte Hill Elementary  (Enterprise, NV)

Charlotte Hill Elementary’s Website

Bass Elementary (Las Vegas, NV)

Bass Elementary’s Website


Somerset Academy  (Henderson, NV)

Somerset Academy’s Website


Kesterson Elementary (Henderson, NV)

Kesterson Elementary’s Website



Wallin Elementary  (Las Vegas, NV)

Wallin Elementary’s Website


Neil C. Twitchell Elementary  (Henderson, NV)

Twitchell Elementary’s Website

Elise Wolff Elementary  (Henderson, NV)

Wolff Elementary’s Website

Vanderburg Elementary  (Henderson, NV)

Vanderburg Elementary’s Website


Lamping Elementary  (Henderson, NV)

Lamping Elementary’s Website


Schorr Elementary  (Las Vegas, NV)

Schorr Elementary’s Website


Henderson International School (Henderson, NV)

Henderson International School’s Website

Glen Taylor Elementary  (Henderson, NV)

Glen Taylor Elementary’s Website

Roger Ghering Elementary  (Las Vegas, NV)

Gehring Elementary’s Website

Cartwright Elementary  (Las Vegas, NV)

Cartwright Elementary’s Website


Smalley Elementary (Henderson, NV)

Smalley Elementary’s Website


Calvary Chapel Christian- Elementary & Middle School (Las Vegas, NV)

Calvary Chapel Christian School’s Website


Charles & Phyllis Frias- Elementary (Las Vegas, NV)

Charles & Phyllis Frias Elementary School’s Website


Selma Bartlett- Elementary (Las Vegas, NV)

Selma Bartlett Elementary School’s Website


Pinecrest Academy (Las Vegas, NV)

Pinecrest Academy’s Website



William R. Lummis Elementary School (Las Vegas, NV)

William R. Lummis Elementary School’s Website



James H. Bilbray Elementary School (Las Vegas, NV)

James H. Bilbray Elementary School’s Website


Calvary Christian Learning Academy (Las Vegas, NV)

Calvary Christian Learning Academy’s Website


Louis Wiener, Jr. Elementary School (Las Vegas, NV)

Louis Wiener, Jr. Elementary School’s Website


John & Judy Goolsby Elementary School (Las Vegas, NV)

John & Judy Goolsby Elementary School’s Website


Bozarth Elementary School (Las Vegas, NV)

Bozarth Elementary School’s Website


Bryan Elementary School (Las Vegas, NV)

Bryan Elementary School’s Website


Clarence Piggott Academy Of International Studies (Las Vegas, NV)

Clarence Piggott Academy Of International Studies’ Website

How You Can Participate in Two Lunch Tuesdays

If You Are In Las Vegas

If you live in the Las Vegas area and would like to be a part of Two Lunch Tuesdays, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss opportunities with you.

Outside of Las Vegas

How Start The Two Lunch Tuesday Program In Your Community

Community coordinators, PTA volunteers and others are stepping up and volunteering all over the country as the success and exposure of this program builds. Contact us to find out more about how you can start your own Two Lunch Tuesday program at your school, or with others in your community.

Two Lunch Tuesdays are one of our regular monthly events.  If you are interested in finding out more about what has been happening recently in our ministry, make sure to check out our news and blogs section.