Broken Chains Ministry

Non-Profit Partners & Sponsors

The following is a list of past and present non-profit partners and sponsors of Broken Chains in our community and around the world. Our ministry would not have the strength it does without these organizations and groups.


Central Christian

How they partner with us:

Pastor Jud Wilhite and Central were very instrumental in Pastor Cody’s salvation. Central Christian’s church attendees support Broken Chains by providing donations and doing food drives at their church several times throughout the year. They collect clothing and hygiene items to provide to the homeless from these different drives. Years back, Central Christian had a great homeless outreach. This is where Pastor Cody was told that Jesus loves Him.

Central Christian’s Website

Arbor View LDS Ward

How they partner with us:

Arbor View’s families and youth group have been a part of our Wednesday night outreaches several times. From suppling the full meal and handling the logistics for feeding the homeless that evening, to doing fund raisers and campaigns to raise supplies for our ministry, the Arbor View LDS family is one of our faithful supporters.


Riding With Jesus Motorcycle Club

How they partner with us:

Riding With Jesus is one of our “sister ministries”. We partner with them for bible studies and local events, including holiday giveaways, preaching engagements and motorcycle events. Pastor Ray, who heads the ministry, is a dedicated evangelist and very good personal friend to Broken Chains.
Riding With Jesus Ministries Website


Casa de Luz

How they partner with us:

Casa De Luz is another “sister ministry” of Broken Chains Ministry. We partner with them to do weekly bible studies every Tuesday night at their facilities. Casa De Luz also partners with us throughout the year for holiday giveaways, preaching and other speaking engagements, neighborhood outreaches and food donation campaigns. Casa De Luz is very instrumental in distributing many of the lunches from our monthly Two Lunch Tuesday Program. Pastor Chris & Laura Chapel, Pastor Dan and Melanie and Pastor Ray Reeder are very dear close friends. We consider the whole Casa De Luz family as part of our Broken Chains Ministry family.
Casa de Luz’s Website


Las Vegas Rescue Mission

How they partner with us:

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission has been our partner for more than six years. They have played an integral role in supplying food donations for our weekly Wednesday night outreaches to the homeless in the park. When Broken Chains Ministry was starting we could not have survived without them. We utilize their year long drug and alcohol intervention program extensively as part of our Addiction Intervention program. When a homeless person wants to clean up and get off the streets, the Rescue Mission helps us with providing furniture, dishes, clothing and other necessities to live.

Las Vegas Rescue Mission’s Website


Hope Church

How they partner with us:

Hope Church helps to support Broken Chains Ministry several ways. Broken Chains Mininstry receives monthly financial support from Hope Church to help with the ongoing expenses required to operate Broken Chains Ministry. Pastor Vance Pittmen, the executive pastor of Hope, has been a wonderful mentor to Pastor Cody for 7 years. The members of Hope also help in instrumental ways to continue the efforts of Broken Chains Ministry. Throughout the year, many of the church members donate clothes, hygiene items, and food. Many of these same donors give of their personal time in volunteering with our different programs and outreaches. The church also donates food that has been left over from events held at the church and do a church wide food drive whenever we need items in large quantities.
Hope Church’s Website


Joyce Meyer Ministries

How they partner with us:

Broken Chains Ministry has partnered with Joyce Myers Ministry for over 15 years. Joyce’s books have been given, at our request, so that we can help cultivate postive personal growth with those homeless that want to make a personal change in their lives. Joyce Meyers Ministry has repeatedly donated large quantities of their best selling book, “Battlefield of the Mind,” so that we could then pass them on to the homeless and less fortunate people in Las Vegas.

Joyce Meyer Ministries’ Website


Southern Nevada Baptist Association

How they partner with us:

The Souther Nevada Baptist Association financially supports Broken Chains Ministry on a quarterly basis to help with the food expenses that we have. They do this directly from their Hunger Fund. The supply expenses, which are not donated directly for our Wednesday night outreaches, are defrayed partially as a result of this consistent donation.
Southern Nevada Baptist Association’s Website


Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries

How they partner with us:

Jentezen Franklin’s Ministry has, on several occasions, donated media in the form of CD’s and DVD’s to the ministry. We use these resources to help equip the homeless, less fortunate and others desiring to make a change in their lives personally with devotionals and messages they can then study on their own.
Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries Website


David Jeremiah’s Turning Point Ministries

How they partner with us:

David Jeremiah’s ministry has given CD’s and DVD’s to our ministry to help us continue personal and spiritual growth discipleship with the homeless and others our ministry works with. With these materials we are able to provide biblically sound studies to those who are showing personal efforts in making positive spiritual and live choice changes and desire to get off the streets.
David Jeremiah’s Turning Point Ministries Website


Spring Valley Baptist Church

How they partner with us:

Spring Valley Baptist Church donates all of their left overs from events that they have throughout the year at their church. They really have a heart for the homeless and help Broken Chains whenever possible.
Spring Valley Baptist Church Website

Would your organization like to partner with Broken Chains Ministry? Are you interested in volunteering with Broken Chains Ministry? Contact us if you have more questions about becoming a partner or sponsor.

One of the volunteer programs that our organization has seen great success with in the community has been developed by PTA volunteers in the schools. Find out more about our Two Lunch Tuesday program!