Broken Chains Ministry

How We Steward Other Gifts

Broken Chains operates differently in the way that we handle donations. What sets us apart is that we understand that the need, and those meeting specific needs in our community, are greater than us.

When a donation comes into our ministry, that may not be as effectively used or distributed by us immediately, we pass on those unused donations to other organizations. These organizations are ones who partner with us and have specific needs for those items. Products such as clothing or perishable food, that may go to waste if not used by a specific date, are passed on to help homeless ministries including Casa De Luz, the Las Vegas Rescue Mission, Catholic Charities, and others.

If you are interested in donating to Broken Chains, we encourage you to contact us by clicking on the button below to find out more information and so that we can plan together with you to meet needs that matter most with the donation you are giving.

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