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Category: Partner and Volunteer Thank Yous

Thank You SNBA (Southern Nevada Baptist Association)

We, at Broken Chains, want to thank the Southern Nevada Baptist Association (SNBA) for supporting us financially for over 10 years. It is truly appreciated!!

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Judy & Charlie Hopkins

Thank You Charles & Judy Hopkins

We want to thank Charles and Judy Hopkins for all they do for Broken Chains. They volunteer each and every Wednesday at the park and Judy cooks once a month for the outreach. They go out of their way to lend a helping hand wherever it is needed.

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Thank You Rich & Kelly Schiegel

We want to thank Rich and Kelly Schiegel for all the help they give to the ministry. They volunteer every Wednesday night at our weekly outreach in the park. Rich helps set-up and break down the sound equipment and Kelly helps with cooking and serving.

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Thank You Laurie Grant & Ray Pritchett

We want to thank Laurie Grant and Ray Pritchett for all they do for the Broken Chains. They are there for every Wednesday outreach – cooking, welcoming volunteers and homeless to the event, serving, and cleaning up afterward.

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Thank You Brenda Asiedu

We want to thank a new volunteer, Brenda Asiedu, for cooking for the ministry on February 13th. She prepared a beautiful and delicious meal of spaghetti, salad, and homemade pound cake. Everyone truly enjoyed it.

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Thank You Kevin Chapman

We want to thank Kevin Chapman for being such a big help while Heather was sick.You are awesome!! You pitched in, running the weekly outreaches, running ministry errands and doing anything else that needed to be done.We couldn't have made it through this time without you Kevin!!  You are the best!!

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Thank You Broken Chains Volunteers

We want to thank all of our Broken Chains volunteers for being there to help while Heather was sick.

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Thank You Kellie Diene & Shannon O’Boyle

We want to thank Kellie Diene, her sister Shannon O'Boyle and their catering crew for the perfectly wonderful Christmas dinner that they prepared and served at our Christmas Homeless Outreach!

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Thank You Impact Companies

We want to thank Bill Wadley and  Impact Companies for all they do for Broken Chains. They have taken us on as their 2018 charity.

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Thank You IREM and Susie Clinger

We want to thank Susie Clinger and IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management) for adopting Broken Chains Ministry as their charity for the year 2018.

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