Broken Chains Ministry

Business Partners & Sponsors

This is a continuing list of past and present business partners and sponsors of Broken Chains in our community and around the world. The positive impact on the homeless in our city that these local leaders have made will never fully be understood. We could not operate without their charitable contributions both financially and with needed items.


Lee Strobel (Woodlands, TX)

How he partners with us:

Lee Strobel’s book, “The Case for Grace,” which came out in February of 2015, includes a chapter on Pastor Cody’s testimony.  Lee came to Las Vegas in 2013, attended a weekly outreach and spent an entire day interviewing Pastor Cody.  Lee has also donated many copies of this book to Broken Chains to help raise money for our ministry.

To find out more about how you can purchase Lee’s book and help Broken Chains Ministry with your purchase, please visit our where you’ve seen us page with the listing of his book, “The Case for Grace.”

Lee Strobel’s Website


Panera Bread Local Store #4080 (Henderson, NV)

How they partner with us:

Panera Bread provides Broken Chains Ministry with a weekly dose of goodies. From bread, to cookies, to yummy pastries.  Panera Bread donates a majority of the handouts we deliver to the homeless and needy at our weekly Wednesday night outreaches.

Panera Bread’s Website


Las Vegas Harley-Davidson (Las Vegas, NV)

How they partner with us:

Las Vegas Harley-Davidson donates financially to our ministry on a consistent basis. Throughout the year this business does in-store food, water, and clothing drives for our ministry as needs occur. When we send out one of our quick updates with current items needed, Las Vegas Harley-Davidson is one of the first to respond and provide support for those specific needs.

Las Vegas Harley-Davidson’s Website


St. Rose Hospitals of Southern Nevada (Henderson and Las Vegas, NV)

How they partner with us:

The St. Rose network of hospitals donate water whenever we need it.  They actually make it a competition between all three of their Las Vegas hospitals as to who can donate the most water.  The last time we needed water they donated over 1000 cases!  This comes in very handy for our ministry during the summer months due to the need of hydration because of the high temperatures in Las Vegas.

St. Rose Hospital’s Website


Cube Smart Storage (Henderson and Las Vegas, NV)

How they partner with us:

Cube Smart helps our ministry by providing us a discounted rate on storage for all of the donations that we acquire and distribute to the homeless throughout the year. While their partnership is not visible to many, what they provide helps to ensure the helping hands of our ministry have donations to give when needed.
Cube Smart Storage’s Website


Regional Transit Commission of Southern Nevada (Southern Nevada)

How they partner with us:

In 2013, RTC donated a 16 passenger bus with a wheelchair lift to our ministry. The bus has become a very valuable tool for our ministry. From donation pick-ups for our Two Lunch Tuesday program, to ministry events, even taking homeless to various appointments, hospital, doctors, bible studies and church on Sundays, this donation has become a valuable resource for our ministry.

RTC’s Website

Tiers of Joy Wedding Cakes (Las Vegas, NV)

How they partner with us:

Tiers of Joy is run by a compassionate, caring woman who has donated food to our ministry throughout the year. When the business owner found out that we had a need for keeping perishable food, her business stepped up helped us by donating both an industrial refrigerator and an industrial freezer. The food portion of our Wednesday night outreach could not happen without Tiers of Joy’s donation to help prevent food from spoiling in the hot summer heat.

Tiers of Joy Wedding Cakes Website


Evident Productions (Las Vegas, NV)

How they partner with us:

Evident Productions helps to financially support Broken Chains Ministry with our needs throughout the year. They also have coordinated logistics for transportation and tables and chairs for our large Christmas outreaches in the past.

Evident Productions Website


Food Pro Distributing

How they partner with us:

Food Pro supports Broken Chains by donating large amounts of snacks and treats weekly.

Food Pro Website


Boy Scouts of America

How they partner with us:

Boy Scouts of America donate hygiene items to Broken Chains to be given out to the homeless.

Boy Scouts of America website

Find out more about how you can donate items to us, or you can donate to our ministry online.

If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor of our ministry contact us to learn find out more.

Not all of our partners are businesses or non-profits.  Be sure to read about one of our most successful programs in the Las Vegas community called Two Lunch Tuesdays.