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Addiction Intervention

Many know Broken Chains Ministry as a place that helps feed and clothe the homeless. If you dig deeper however, you’ll find that our organization not only wants to help people in temporary need, but also help break binding chains in peoples lives.

Broken Chains Addiction Intervention has been helping families throughout Las Vegas, and elsewhere, who are needing help, hope, and direction, but find little in resources as to where they can turn.  We receive many calls from people across the United States desperate for someone to help a loved one.  Often times that loved one has ended up in Las Vegas in the midst of their addictions, yet are in need of help from people who know their problems and can offer help and care.  Many relatives have found us by simply doing a search online and have contacted our organization in desperation for someone they can trust to help a friend, family member or loved one who they care so much for, but don’t know where to turn.

Coming from a background of addiction and abuse of both alcohol and drugs, Pastor Cody Huff, and the Broken Chains Ministry team, help families on a level that few psychiatric or medical doctors can. He’s lived in the trenches, knows the lies that can be pulled over on families, and understands the accountability that’s needed with fighting addictions. All of this because he lived through the torture of addiction first hand.

Broken Chains helps families understand the boundaries and limitations they need to establish in order to help loved ones. At the same time they help to create accountability for those dealing with substance abuse. Broken Chains helps guide those who are dealing with serious needs find help and hope to winning the battle of addictions.

Some of the ways we help

  • Guiding loved ones through the process of handling addiction
  • Helping families understand the intervention process
  • Accountability and schedules for those wanting help with their addictions
  • Follow-up meetings to help see progress with winning the battle of addiction
  • Drug testing establishing accountability with the intervention process
  • Encouragement and prayer throughout the intervention process for all involved

Some of the organizations and ministries that currently turn to us for addiction intervention support

  • Hope Church, Henderson, Nevada
  • Casa De Luz, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Central Christian Church, Henderson, Nevada
  • Cornerstone Church, Las Vegas, Nevada

Please Note:

Broken Chains is not affiliated with nor has a medical license. Our team approaches Addiction Intervention from the understanding that many of our team have gone through the process themselves. Many of our team have broken their own chains of addiction through the help of God and others. We simply use our experience to help and encourage others do the same; even when they feel there is no hope.

The core areas that we focus on helping with intervention include the following:

  • Accountability programs for both family and those struggling with addictions
  • Family counseling and guidance for those dealing with loved ones stuck in addiction
  • Unscheduled drug tests to keep those recovering accountable
  • Devotionals and meetings to provide an environment for positive change

Recommendations From Some Moms

I have known Cody for the last seven years and came to meet him through a recommendation of a friend. He was very instrumental in our intervention with my son, who was drug addicted at the time.

Cody was very valuable to my husband and me. He took the time to educate us on the type of drugs my son was using and the road he would be taking if we did not intervene and get my son the professional help he needed.

With Cody’s help, we finally got my son to an excellent rehab in California. Cody now still works closely with this rehab in helping others get the help they need.

I am happy to report my son is doing very well at this rehab and is now helping others to recover from their alcohol and drug addictions. My son is doing so well that he has now graduated and was hired by the rehab to be the coordinator of the Intake program.

I will forever be very thankful and grateful to Cody for helping me save my son’s life.


Teresa Munoz (Las Vegas, NV)

Pastor Cody was there for me and my family during one of the most challenging seasons we have ever faced. My older son was using drugs and our lives had become crazy.. and that’s an understatement! I called Pastor Cody daily; he was always available to talk to me. He visited with my son, helped us with drug testing him. He invited our son to his outreach ministry, where he could hear the word of God. My family and I are so grateful for Pastor Cody’s heart and the love and care he gave to all of us! Bless you Pastor Cody!

With love and Prayers from a grateful mother,

God’s Blessings,

Rev. Linda Venniro (Las Vegas, NV)

How Can You Help?

No one involved with our organization receives any compensation for what they do. However, the costs for materials including drug testing kits, transportation costs, and other necessities do accrue.

Donations to help our organization with this effective and very needed element of ministry for those struggling with addiction is greatly appreciated.

Go to our donation page where you can help out by giving online now, or contact us to find out more.

Are You In Need of Help with Addiction Recovery and/or Intervention?

Leave us a message either by phone or e-mail so that we can talk to you about your specific needs.

How We Handle Privacy of Those We Help Through the Addiction Intervention Process

Broken Chains understands the sensitivity, needs, and concerns of family members, and loved ones, who are involved and impacted by addiction and the recovery process. We do not mention these needs in any of our monthly newsletter updates, prayer or praise requests, or elsewhere to any of our donors or partners, unless we are given specific permission to do so by those involved.

Have more questions? Contact us to find out more about our Addiction Intervention program.