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October 2019 – Open Letter to Faithful Friends & Gracious Supporters

Dear Friends,

It is with mixed emotions, yet with extreme gratefulness that I write this letter to you.

Over the last fourteen years, Heather and I have seen God work through us in ways that we could have never imagined to be a part of his work in the Las Vegas community, as well as in parts of the world we have never been to.

From our humble beginnings, as we started out by taking a turkey dinner on one Christmas day and serving it out of the back our car trunk to homeless in a park, to sharing our story with ministries throughout the world, it has been an amazing journey. God has truly grown, and used, Broken Chains beyond our wildest imaginations. All of this not because of our doing, but because of what God has blessed and multiplied.

While our ministry never has fit the normal non-profit, or ministry format, Broken Chains is living proof that when you let go, and let God, amazing things can happen to bring glory to Him. We have never ceased to be amazed at the countless blessings that have happened throughout the years as we have worked to help others. When finances were very thin, on many occasions, God laid it on a donor here in Vegas or even someone that we’ve never met on the other side of the continent to give at the most perfect time when we needed help the most. We could not have planned it any better.

There have been many experiences of tearful joy that both Heather and I have shared through our ministry journey. All of them could be nothing but amazing acts of God working through many of you to further His kingdom on earth. God has used your support of us to use this ministry that works constantly. Even without four walls, and as a non-profit that has operated out of our garage, and the back trunks of vehicles, Broken Chains has helped make incredible changes in lives.

Through your giving, we have been able to help families who were hours away from being evicted. We have been able to help people change from a life on the streets, who wanted to change from a life of addiction to one with hope and a bright future that started by getting into housing and starting jobs. Women that were in bondage of prostitution that came to our ministry have found hope in finding Christ and s purpose to change their lives for the better and walk away from their past. Families who were at the end of the line because of addictions have called often seeking compassionate help, tough love, and direction in how to find hope for the future with overcoming crippling struggles.

The support from friends all over the globe is so hard to grasp, yet has been so valuable to us for encouragement.

When local businesses stepped up to give back to their community, the experiences shared with them have been un-forgetful and life-changing. The experiences for the volunteers have made positive impressions in their own personal and family lives and how they engage with giving back from those experiences moving forward. Often times during a weekly Wednesday night outreach, it has not been uncommon to see people show up from as far away as the east coast that just wanted to be a part of giving back and sharing the experience of joy gained by helping those less fortunate.

A few years ago, we even had a family show up on Christmas morning from Australia that wanted to teach their children about the importance of and the meaning of Christmas and to be a part of sharing God’s love for the world to others in desperate need of hope.

As Heather and I have looked back we see all of this simply happened because God worked in and through all of us. You included.

Many of you know that both Heather and I have been dealing with more and more personal health issues. In the last six months, the intensity of these health issues has increased. With all of this, we have had to make some prayerful and intentional decisions for our lives and to make sure we do what is needed for the ministry God has given us the responsibility of stewarding over the last fourteen years.

After seeking wise counsel from those of whom God has surrounded us, prayerfully seeking God’s will, and talking about it together, we have come to the point of having peace of stepping down from our leadership role that we have been responsible in leading up until this point with Broken Chains. The leadership team of Broken Chains is in the process of prayerfully considering what the ministry will be transitioning to in the next few weeks and months. Those involved in this part of the ministry journey with us have worked closely by our sides for many years, and know our heart and intent for the ministry.

As the transition happens Broken Chains will not immediately be providing our regular services at the park on Wednesday nights as has been done for years. Our team is prayerfully considering whether God wants us to resume these outreaches in some capacity in the very near future.

Since there are many on-going parts of the ministry that the community and many of you as supporters are involved in throughout the course of each week and month, there are steps being taken to determine God’s desire for direction in sustaining those critical pieces to Broken Chains. Steps are being taken to determine how to facilitate their ongoing contributions to the community.

The Two Lunch Tuesday program is one of them. Our leadership is working very hard right now to determine the best strategy to continue this program.

Both Heather and I thank you for your continued prayers and support during this transition time. Know that while our time with Broken Ministry is coming to a close, we also know that God is simply moving us into another area of ministry that we are walking into by Faith together. No matter the health concerns that we have, we will ALWAYS find opportunities to show light in our dark world by spreading the GREAT news of Jesus!

Oh, and just one more thing, Thank you all so much. Both Heather and I love you all very much. Thank you for supporting us, and working with us throughout these fourteen years of ministry. We could NOT have done it without the support of people that God has used as He has with each and every one of you!

In His Grace,

Pastor Cody and Heather Huff

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