Broken Chains Ministry

Monthly Newsletter – February 2018

Broken Chains “Two Lunch Tuesday” Program

Our “Two Lunch Tuesday” program is really doing well!! We have 28 schools participating throughout the city; with new schools being added all the time. The kids (and teachers & parents) are really supporting this cause!!

These lunches go to homeless on the street, halfway houses, US veteran houses, The Las Vegas Rescue Mission, The Salvation Army, Shade Tree, Catholic Charities & Help USA.

This program was started in 2009 by one school giving us sandwiches, and has grown to the 28 schools we have now. As of this date, we have collected 20,227 lunches this school year. To read more about this program, please click here.

Other Highlights

Impact Companies makes Broken Chains their charity for 2018

As we stated in our Thank You this month, Bill Wadley and Impact Companies has taken on Broken Chains as their charity for 2018. That includes cooking for our Wednesday Night Outreach and holding several fundraisers during the year for the ministry.

Impact’s first cookout was on January 31st. They served pizza, fruit, and desserts and our homeless population were really pleased with their selection. It was a real treat for them!! And there was left-over pizza for all to take with them.

They also brought jackets and other goodies for the homeless. We can’t thank Impact enough for caring for the less fortunate in our city!

Impact was the company that Pastor Cody worked for when he first got off the streets. They have a program called “Second Chance” that helps homeless, felons and those in recovery get back on their feet. Bill Mulligan, Pastor Cody’s immediate supervisor at Impact, was on hand and gave a wonderful talk about the program and Pastor Cody’s successful progress thru the program.

ElleMae Ehin becomes Broken Chains barber

ElleMae Ehin joined us at the park on January 31st to cut hair for the homeless. We had a long line waiting to get haircuts. Everyone was so excited, as the homeless can rarely afford a professional haircut. ElleMae will be coming to the park to cut hair on the last Wednesday of each month. Thank you ElleMae – you are truly a gem!!!

Other Key Events That Happened This Last Month

  • Pastor Cody’s great-grandson, Ryder, giving food & a sleeping bag to a homeless man. (See pic)
  • Our Sleeping Bag project collected 335 sleeping bags! Thanks to all who donated!!!
  • Our Two Lunch Tuesday program has now collected 20,227 lunches this current school year!!! Thanks to all the participating schools, kids & parents!!
  • We want to thank all of our faithful volunteers & sponsors; without them, we would not be able to operate.
  • We also want to thank all of those who financially support the ministry; again we would not be able to do what we do without these individuals.

February Prayer and Praise List

  • Prayer: Please continue to pray for Pastor Dan, as he is doing better and better each day.
  • Prayer: Please pray for the Chapel family; Chris, Laura and their children as they continue to struggle with illnesses.
  • Prayer: Please pray for Morris Chapman as he battles illness.
  • Prayer: Please pray for our country and our president; that he will guide our country in Godly ways.
  • Prayer: Please prayerfully consider becoming a financial partner with Broken Chains.
  • Praise: Thank you to all of our wonderful board members!!
  • Praise: Thank you to all of our sponsors & donors who keep Broken Chains afloat!!!
  • Praise: Thank you, Jesus, for always providing for your ministry. Philippians 4:19.



Everyone is invited to attend our weekly Bible study and BBQ. It is held at Myron Levitt Park (the old JC Park) on Wednesdays at 5:30 pm. The park is just north of the intersection of Eastern Avenue & Sahara Avenue. If you would like more details including a Google map, please visit our website contact page. Come and join us any Wednesday!

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