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Monthly Newsletter – March 2017

“Celebration of Life” for Brandy Lovos

Brandy, one of our long time homeless women, died January 28th in Sunset Park at the age of 41. She is our 21st death since we became a Homeless Ministry.

On March 8th we held a “Celebration Of Life” service for her at our regular Wednesday Homeless Outreach. We all write prayers on balloons and release them to God.

Pastor Cody had known Brandy for over 12 year, during which time he tried his best to get her help and get her into a program; to no avail. Pastor Cody has talked to several members of her family and we ask that you pray for peace and comfort for the family.

Other Highlights

Meet Broken Chains Board Members

This month we would like to feature Doris Hoover. Below are the answers to the questionnaire we sent her.

How did you first hear about Broken Chains?
I first heard about Broken Chains about 6 years ago, through our small group at Hope Church, who committed to sponsoring this Ministry for a Christmas outreach.I have been involved with different ministries over the last 15 years, but never a homeless ministry, I was very open to be part of something God was doing in our own community

What made you want to get involved in the ministry with Broken Chains?
The feeling I felt was, first of all thankfulness to God that he had saved me and I had a home to go to. I knew that the homeless need to hear about Gods love for them, they need to know that they matter, their lives are important. Because of the unique way that God saved Pastor Cody and brought Heather into his life, who already had a heart for the homeless; this was a small way that my husband, I, and our small group could contribute to this ministry.

Describe your first experience volunteering with Broken Chains?
It felt quite uncomfortable, going to the park, seeing people that looked disheveled and had no home to live in. We’ve all seen them around town for many years, but in the park they became real people, with each a story to tell. God showed me not to judge them, because that easily could be me. Through a sickness, losing a job, divorce, drugs, alcohol or some bad choices in life, this could happen to me, as well.

What was the feeling you walked away with after that first experience?
After that first experience I knew that God had opened the door to be involved in what He was doing through Broken Chains.

How did God use that first experience to continue your desire to work with Broken Chains?
Broken Chains has the ability to develop relationships with the homeless, a one on one, which most organizations cannot do, because of time and manpower. This ministry touches lives, one at the time, letting each person know they are worthy of love and help. They meet in the park once a week, but beyond that one evening a week, Cody and Heather and many volunteers are daily involved. Visiting homeless people in the hospital, collecting lunches at schools every month and dispersing them to different organizations in Las Vegas, helping homeless to sign up for Medicaid and other services, taking them to Doctor’s appointments and so many more things. This type of care is unique to Broken Chains.

What is one unique way that you see Broken Chains fulfills a ministry role in Las Vegas that no other organization or group provides?
One of the unique ways Broken Chains fulfills its ministry role in Las Vegas, that no other organization or group provides, is to personally get to know the homeless person. This can only be achieved by knowing their story and their lives, spending time with them. Most organizations would have you fill out paperwork and then decide if you qualify for any of their services. Another role Broken Chains fulfills well, is  partnering with churches,  local officials, the police department and other organizations. They need the support from the whole community in order to bring change for the homeless.

As a board member, what are some of the passions and desires for the future as you partner with Broken Chains in a leadership role?
My passion as a board member is to see more people involved with this ministry, on every level, giving of their time, donating money to fund the ministry, buying needed items on the list, which are posted on the Broken Ministry website , praying for the homeless. To see Broken Chains expand beyond these important outreaches, with a home to live in for a certain time, to train and teach them how to be part of their community again. That they are given the tools to live the life that God intended for them.

What are 3 simple ways you would recommend everyone could get involved in helping with Broken Chains?
1). Tell others about Broken Chains and the lives that are being changed, right now and for eternity. 2). Give generously from the heart not under compulsion; give of your time. 3). Pray for God to show you how to be involved, to use your specific gift for the ministry. Pray for the leaders and volunteers for wisdom and God’s vision

How does serving with Broken Chains benefit volunteers?
Serving the homeless gives the volunteers an opportunity to be part of something God is doing. To serve the brokenhearted, the lonely, the hungry and the lost is the same as serving Jesus. The blessings are always greater than what we give of ourselves. It also creates an attitude of thanksgiving for what God has done for us.

“Saint” Timothy Gets Married!!

On February 23rd we attended the wedding of Tim “Saint Timothy” Wagner and Jessica Ren. Pastor Ray Reeder officiated and Pastor Cody was the best man. The ceremony was held in a beautiful outdoors chapel on a lake front; with the reception indoors overlooking the lake.

The bride was gorgeous and the groom was very handsome in his tux. There was great fun and games and a delicious meal was served. Pastor Cody gave the toast to the bride & groom; with many other friends and the groom’s mother toasting the couple also.

We wish the bride & groom a long and happy life with Jesus at the center of their marriage. God Bless you both!!

Please click here to see more pictures. When the Photo Gallery displays, click on one picture and that will display the picture full screen; then use the arrows to go from picture to picture.

Christian bikers get together for a motorcycle ride to Red Rock.

Each Thursday morning a group of local Christian motorcycle riders get together for a ride to Red Rock, where they minister to all who stop there. And those who stop there to view the scenery take a look at the bikes and tattoos and, at first, are apprehensive and don’t know what to do; but when the bikers approach and tell them all about Jesus; everything is cool!!

Last month there were 3 tour buses from Canada, along with all the locals who go out there. These bikers were able to talk with and minister to all of these people!

You are welcome to attend; please visit our website contact page for more information.

Other Key Events That Happened This Last Month

  • We want to thank Brian & Jenny of Goodness Gracious Ministry for cooking some wonderful food for a Wednesday outreach this past month!
  • We were privileged to have a mission team from Illinois visit us last month and serve on the night that Goodness Gracious Ministry cooked at our outreach.
  • Two Lunch Tuesday collected 4,487 lunches this month; our current school year total is 26,047. We are hoping to make it to 40,000 lunches by the end of the school year!! We want to thank all the students, teachers and parents for making Two Lunch Tuesday such a success!!

March Prayer and Praise List

  • Prayer: Please continue pray for Tennessee, one of our homeless men, who we have been involved with for the past 10 years. He was in the hospital in serious condition but now he much better and is in a rehab hospital. He is a believer and we are praying that God will bless him with complete physical recovery!!
  • Prayer: Please continue to pray for Pastor Dan. He is recovering well and is back tending his flock at Casa de Luz.
  • Prayer: Please pray for the Chapel family; Chris, Laura and their children as they continue to struggle with health issues.
  • Prayer: Please keep praying for Cheryl Blackwell as she gallantly fights a rare form of cancer.
  • Prayer: Please pray for the Las Vegas homeless community, as they go thru the winter cold & rain; that they will be warm and protected.
  • Prayer: Please pray for our country and our new president; that he will guide our country in Godly ways.
  • Prayer: Please prayerfully consider becoming a financial partner with Broken Chains.
  • Praise: Our homeless man, Tennessee, who almost died, is now doing well in a rehab facility.
  • Praise: Thank you Jesus for always providing for your ministry. Philippians 4:19.




Everyone is invited to attend our weekly Bible study and BBQ. It is held at Myron Levitt Park (the old JC Park) on Wednesdays at 5:30pm. The park is just north of the intersection of Eastern avenue & Sahara avenue. If you would like more details including a Google map, please visit our website contact page. Come and join us any Wednesday!

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