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Celebrate with us Christmas Morning by watching on Periscope!

Ok, we’re going to do something new… again with something called Periscope.

So we know that many Broken Chains supporters all over the world would like to be a part of our outreach on Christmas day, but simply can’t be there in person.

Instead of you coming to the park to be a part of our Christmas dinner, we are going to bring the outreach to you! We’re going to be streaming the event live on the new social media platform called Periscope.

periscope logo

You’ve probably seen Periscope, or heard it mentioned. Periscope allows users to create their own unique videos using any new smartphone or tablet device. It’s totally free to use and to view.  We like free and figured you would as well. So what better way to share one of our biggest moments during the year for Broken Chains than by bringing the experience to you using Periscope?

What we’ll be sharing on Periscope

We’ll be sharing everything that happens live during our event. From everyone arriving, to the special music, Christmas message, and even live interviews with people. Plus, with Periscope, you’re able to interact and send feedback back to us while we’re streaming live. SO, we’re planning on answering your questions live at the park as well!

When it will air

We’ll start our streaming Periscope feed around 8:15am and will end the event around 10:15-10:30am. All times listed are on Pacific Time so make sure to adjust accordingly if you live outside of our time zone.  Also, make sure to spread the word on social networks, and by word of mouth to all of your friends and family. What a great way to start Christmas day, by enjoying a focus—instead of on a parade or sports—on the birth of our Savior. Celebrate the hope and true meaning of Christmas with all of us at the park!

How to watch Periscope

There are several ways that you can watch Periscope. If you have an iOS (Apple) phone or iPad, simply go to the App store and download the free app for Periscope. You’ll need to setup a free account, or tie it to an existing Twitter account. Twitter may be easier, plus you can follow us on Twitter at @vegasbcm! Then, make sure you follow us so that you’re notified whenever we go live for the event.

If you have an Android phone or tablet, simply go to the Google Play store and download the free app for your device and set it up in similar fashion to what we mentioned for iOS devices.

If you have a new Apple TV, you’ll be able to watch our stream live on your TV at home. You will not be able to interact with it and the interface is still something Apple and Periscope are working out. You should be able to find us in one of the live feeds that will be playing on the site.

The Periscope app is only available on the new Apple TV’s that are bigger than the last few generations of Apple TVs. This picture will show you the difference. Notice the different type of remote as well. If you don’t have a black remote like the one on the left, then you have an old Apple TV and you will not be able to use it to watch our feed.


How to watch on your desktop

If you would prefer to watch us live on your computer, simply go to the address Once we begin streaming live, you’ll be able to watch us directly on that page if you have a current browser. If you still have issues, make sure to use a browser that has HTML5. If you keep your browsers and software up to date you shouldn’t have any problem.

Replay will be available

If you miss our stream, but would like to see what went on, make sure to go to our page at after the event and you’ll be able to watch the replay of the event segments.

Help us spread the word

Make sure to help us by passing the link for this page, or e-mail update on to others. Tell your friends on social networks, and remember this when that new iOS or Android gift is unwrapped Christmas morning. What a great way to try it out and connect with us at the same time. Download the periscope app and share part of Christmas morning with us as we bless others and give hope to those less fortunate in Vegas.

We look forward to having you share the joy of giving and the REAL meaning of Christmas with us by watching our outreach on Christmas morning. Your donations support and help make this possible.  This Periscope feed is our way of saying thank you for those that may not be able to share Christmas morning with us.

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