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Prayer Request: Bike for Cheryl Blackwell

Cheryl BlackwellA Prayer Request: One of our board members, Cheryl Blackwell, has a rare form of cancer and goes to Texas to MD Anderson for 5 days every 3 weeks for treatment. This has kept her from working a job which has put a financial hardship on the family. She has been advised by her doctors to begin an exercise program; specifically bike riding. We are asking our readers to prayerfully consider donating a lady’s bike to Cheryl. It doesn’t have to be new; maybe you or a friend or neighbor has one sitting in the garage, not being used. Or maybe 4-5 people could go together and buy one. The bike needs a large seat and high handlebars.

If you able to help with this need please contact Cheryl directly at (972) 268-4913.

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