Broken Chains Ministry

Quick Update- 12/6/14

Hi Everyone,

Cheryl and friends CherylThis is a special update email to ask for prayer for Cheryl Blackwell. Her very serious type of cancer is in remission , as you all know from our emails and posts on facebook. There is only one hospital in the US that deals with this cancer and it is in Texas. Cheryl’s treatment is one week on treatment and then 3 weeks off. So she has to fly to Texas and back once a month and also pay for her stay there. Her doctor has told her that even though she is much better that she must stay on treatment to remain in the program. If she ends treatment and the cancer comes back, the hospital will not take her back.

So for her to stay on treatment and fly back and forth to Texas and pay for her stay in the hospital, it is going to be approximately $1200.00 per month.

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